Guiding Quotes

  • “All investing strategies are personal” - Anonymous
  • “A good investor knows when to sell”
  • “Sell the losers and let the winners ride!” - Investopedia
  • “Dad, you are doing it all wrong. You should buy stocks when they are low and sell when they are high. You are buying at a high price and selling at low!” - Founder's 6 years old daughter.

What Is SaralStocks?

SaralStocks enables you:

  • to find interesting stocks, whether growing or falling. Never will you be in a situation to find that AMAZON was growing for 5 years consistently before you came to know.
  • to manage your portfolio by minimising your losses with the help of rules set by you. These rules can be set for all of your stocks in the portfolio or individually and they apply to watchlist or portfolio. This removes emotions out of decisions while buying or selling stocks.
  • Helps small investor in maximizing gains in the market by identifying interesting stocks and minimizing losses by helping close monitoring.
  • User defined investment rules remove emotion and error prone judgment from stock trading.
  • Runs in browser and requires no desktop software to install
  • Allows data updates through smartphones, tablets or desktop web browser.
  • Simplifies decision making on whether to buy/sell/hold a stock and does not overwhelm the user with information that is not usable.
  • Does not require third party logins to your trading account because trade information is updated by you, the user.
  • Tracks data for all your investments and lets you customize view to see what is most important to you.
  • Helps you easily identify an upward or a downward trend for a stock. Financial websites throw a lot of financial data and most people can't make use of the information.
  • Is easy to use. Creating portfolio, watchlist or identifying interesting stocks is logical and easy.
  • Helps you set your own rules ("if ABC goes up 5%, inform me"). with algorithmic and ruled based investment.

How To Use

We currently update data from NSE, NYSE and NASDAQ exchange at the close of the day.

Login using Facebook or your India mobile number :

  • Portfolio Tab - Add your stocks details by clicking "Add Symbol". Enter price per share, number of shares and date of purchase.
  • Set Alert Tab - Set your alerts for either individual symbol or any stock in your portfolio by clicking "Add Rule" button and entering either simple rule "tell me when any stock in my portfolio goes up by 5%" or "tell me when ABC stock goes up by 5% and its volume goes down by 10%" or "tell me when ..." get the picture?
  • Portfolio Analysis - When you open Portfolio tab, you will see alert bells defined as per your rules. Click each alert to see details of why it got triggered. All of your alerts can be also seen by clicking bell icon on the menubar.
  • Research - Select stock exchange and any criteria you have such as minimimum price, value etc. If you need finer analysis you can select each attribute and fine tune. Attributes to be selected:
    • minimum price, maximum price
    • minimum volume, maximum volume
    • specific symbols
    • number of charts per page
    • advance rules. You can set simple rules such as "find all stocks that grew in price by certain percentage in a time period" or "find all stocks that grew in price by certain percentage and whose volume went up by certain percentage" "find all stocks that ...." and keep going!
    • Select Order - shows order of charts in the output: by increasing/decreasing volume or price; by growth in volume / price of the stocks over a period of time whether 1 day, 3 days, 2 weeks etc.
    For further analysis shortlist them by entering into "Shortlisted Symbols" and then go back to Research tab to see these all in one chart.
    Or add them directly to your Watchlist by selecting it in "Watchlist Symbols".
  • Help - Online help for SaralStocks as well as request for feature enhancements are given here.


At a glance see all your stocks in your portfolio and how they are doing. If any of the stocks fulfill conditions of price or volume then you will see the alerts for those stocks.
Similar to Portfolio tab but only for stocks that are on Watchlist. Add notes to your Watchlist symbols so when they are triggered, you know whether to buy, sell or hold.
Find stocks of specific price band, daily volume, growth pattern in prices or volume and see charts of multiple stocks for easy comparison. When you find a stock of interest, either shortlist or add to Watchlist.
Add alerts for Portfolio stocks, Wathclist stocks or Cash in your total portfolio. When cash goes down below certain percentage, you are not able to buy when market collapses. If cash is too large a component then you are not investing enough to gain.

Some More Details...

These are very simple rules but hard to put in practice because emotions of the investor get involved and then rational, rules based decisions are hard to make. Just like while climbing a hill you don’t realize how high you have climbed or descended until you see the top of the hill or the ground below, you don’t realize how low the stock has fallen.

When the stock is falling without keeping a firm “sell below” price you don’t realize how far it has fallen and when to cut your losses short by selling the laggard. Also you don’t realize the stock that was 15% up earlier is now underwater and you are still holding on to it. This tool helps you make those sell decisions effectively to maximize your profits and minimizing losses.

SaralStocks helps you keep a laser sharp focus on your portfolio and helps you get rid of the losers before they have made significant damage to your portfolio. This tool is not for researching which stock looks interesting but is for tracking performance of a stock once you have decided to track it either for purchase later or when it is in your portfolio.



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About Us

SaralStocks is built for you by Affingo Technologies LLP, a Pune India based software company. We are not financial advisors nor are we stock researchers. You should do your own independent research before you make any decisions on buying or selling stocks. If you depend on our data, you may lose your capital, either partially or completely, well .... almost!

Contact Us

For any questions, feedback or request for features enhancement, please contact us.
Affingo Technologies LLP, Elliot Building, No. 401/B, Near Ganaraj Mangal Karyalay, Baner, Pune, 411045.
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