What Is SaralStocks ?
Actionable and insightful value investing tool to analyze and interpret stock data without overwhelming yourself. SaralStocks lets you discover trends and movements in the marketplace. Set your own rules to get customised, curated charts that help you make investment decisions better, faster with greater returns. Stop wasting time with tedious "cut and paste" or weekly data scraping. Your family and friends will love the extra time you have. Stop stressing over the work required to keep data up to date.
SaralStocks helps you gain the most important thing,
TIME with your FAMILY.

Who Are We For ?

  • Retail investors, looking to fine-tune their own investment strategy.
  • Personal strategists, who want to tag and discover trends by themselves.
  • YOU, if you want to closely monitor the market, but not spend hours doing it.
  • You already know what you want to watch in the stock market and don't need distracting ads.

Who Are We Not For?

  • Those who want advice for portfolio management.
  • Large cap investors, day traders.
  • Those seeking an online stock broker or portfolio manager.
  • Idle browsers with large chunks of time and no personal life.
What You Can Do ?

Make confident decisions with easy to use and understandable data

Eliminate overwhelming and noisy data. Set your own valuation rules and get customised charts. Each stock is given a score and rank. Follow up with easy to use and understandable valuation rules. Start making decisions with confidence.

Quickly filter through stocks. Reduce Analysis and Research time.

Save hours by quickly passing on bad quality stocks. Quickly narrow down a large list of ideas to the most actionable and profitable. Focus your time on the best stock ideas.

Calculate the fair value of stocks using your methods

Clear and transparent rule - setting allows you to calculate fair value easily and accurately. Pick winners and place them in your watchlist. Follow up in brief sessions of few minutes not days.

Subscription Plans
One Year

₹ 499
  • *GST Included
  • 3 Months Free Trial
  • Limited Period Offer !
Six Month

₹ 699
  • *GST Included
  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • Limited Period Offer !
One Month

₹ 899
  • *GST Included
  • 15 Days Free Trial
  • Limited Period Offer !
For Bulk Subscriptions, we provide customised features .Want to know more? Contact us :-Support@affingotech.com
About Us
We are not SEBI registered, as there is no investment advice being dispensed. You do not need to pay us commision or brokerage.

SaralStocks is built for you by Affingo Technologies LLP, founded by IIT'ian Mr. Suhas Patil. Bored with financial advisors and so called experts, Suhas decided to do his own investing in the stock market. SaralStocks was built when techno-logic decided to enable market watching more efficiently.
Contact Us
Affingo Technologies LLP, Elliot Building,
No. 401/B, Veerbhadra Nagar, Baner, Pune, 411045.